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1st we killd the guilty.

Or, as we mutterd wile str@egizin our demonstrations “thoz responsibl.” 

The targets wer EZ 2 list. Profesionl activity has been transparent long enuf th@ the corporations responsibl, & thoz runnin them hu coercd ther decisions, & thoz politicians hu livd N corporat pockets, & thoz demagogs hu had intentionaly & rabidly blinded most of humanity 2 corporat abuses wer all 2 EZ 2 identify. 

Deliberately we kept the p@ern of our plan & its execution as vague as posibl 4 as long as posibl. This week a New Dehli politician retird 2 Sri Lanka. Next week a 4mer american radio talk sho host, geri@ric but still eminently cowardly. The next week som nameles Japanez lobyest from many decades bak. 

Many of the deths made hedlines, yes, but our vaguenes & evasions kept thoz remainin on the target list from seein the p@ern until 2 late. Even2aly they saw it, of cors. They noticd among the daily reports of na2ral disastrs & famins & plagues & ongoin urban mayhem how sevrl persons w/hume they had workd intimatly behind clozd doors 3 decades ago N a Washinton DC brothl had been accidentaly stompd 2 deth N Sao Paulo or Hong Kong or Johanesburg. Always the victims apeard 2 B the col@eral damaj of 1 of our countless daily mass demonstrations, mere inocents accidentaly trampld N som stampede 4 oranges, or ostrich meat. Finaly tho our targets saw the p@ern & protested 2 nuz outlets & athorities. 

We watchd then as all the game sho detectivs specul8ed about hitmen w/n the mobs, or gangs disgizd w/n the mobs, or uncanny accidents, until finaly they realizd the killr was the mob itself. Once they realizd this & deduced from it our motivation, nun of the athorities felt any inclination 2 protect our targets. & the audiens agreed w/them. & the nu demagogry of thoz old liars did not convins. Arguments th@ ther tellin the truth or workin on b½ of humanity woud not hav 4stalld our present condition did not persuade erth’s desperat bilions. 

We leakd our target list then & the flash mobs swelld by 10 x. 1 by 1 the guilty wer trampld 2 deth w/impunity. Ther deths bcame a televizd sport, cheerd & bet upon as avidly as an intoxic8d & perishin species coud cheer & bet. The guilty wer killd by total strangers; nun of hume nu each other by name or by face; & nun of hume felt personaly responsibl 4 the murders; but each of hume felt they had spoken 4 humanity. 

N my opinion the guilty shoud hav been made 2 sufer 2 the end like the rest of us. Th@s Y I rote this testament. I think it woud hav been mor just. Execution was 2 merciful 4 them, I say. But U cant restrain a mob’s vengenz wen it has nothin left 2 liv 4 but its vengenz.

The list is dun. 

The guilty R ded. 

Now weve bgun 2 kill the inocent.

[Forever after at http://eyeshot.net/flashmob.html]
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