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Herein, we collect selected stories, essays, and unclassifiables that deserve special distinction as contributions to this site and society.

The Truth About Belafonte Garcia
by Jamie Allen

Lip Reading Classes Five Bucks
by Shafer Hall

Beach by Roberto Bolaño
(Translated by Riley 

Requirements for a Position as 
My Lover by Jensen Whalen

The Apartment That Jack Rents
by Jennifer Amey 

Brief Distraction of a Peculiar Sort
by Blake Butler

Interview with the World's 
Leading Creative Plagiarist

American Writers & Their Hair
by Zadie Smith

Fuckbuddy by Roderic Crooks

A More Complete Understanding
of the Misery of the World
by Chris Diken

The Poet's Alphabet
by Tracey Hill

Why You Should Touch My Balls
by Will RatBlood

Letters to Frank Conroy
From His Students

Seven Letters Daniel Alarcon 
Sent From South America

Conjoined by Elizabeth Ellen

You Are a 14-Year-Old Arab 
Chick Who Just Moved to Texas
by Randa Jarrar

Variations on a Party
by Charles Ullmann

Dear Virus Alert Sender
by Kevin Sampsell

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