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Simply put, Al Eingang, the star of such films as "The Young Man From Nantucket," "Because He Can," and "Blown Alone," makes his living sucking himself off. His website Solo Suck contains several stills from his videos, autobiographical material, a How-To, and various other notes from the self-sucking world. The following interview, as you might guess, contains especially sexually explicit language, because, well, it's about the technique of sucking oneself off, but it also contains observations about what it's like to do yourself in the mouth, ass, and ear, and how such action extends into the realms of sexuality, politics, and pure pleasure etc.


Q: Dogs lick their balls because they can. Do you suck your own cock simply because it's something you can do?

A: As a sexually curious adolescent (and is there really any other kind?) who also happened to be unusually flexible it was, I think, inevitable that my cock would end up in my mouth. I also grew up in a house with a copy of the Kinsey Report floating around, but can't remember clearly whether reading Kinsey's short section on autofellatio was a call-to-action or just an interesting affirmation that what I was doing was not unheard of. Of one thing I am entirely certain: the marriage of my cock and mouth was a match made in paradise, and from the very first time that my tongue caressed my glans I was hooked. Do I suck my own cock simply because it's something I can do? No; I suck it elaborately because it's something I can do.


Q: As per the Nantucket limerick, if your ear were a cunt would you fuck it?

A: I have, in fact, stuck my cock in my ear in the throes of passion, but it didn't do a whole lot for me. If I were to agree to this ear-to-cunt transformation would my ear menstruate? If so, I think I would politely decline the surgery. I have though, I think, stuck just about every part of my body that is stickable into the other parts that are stick-into-able and enjoyed, if not the sensations at least the novelty and occasional ridiculousness of it all. Cock-in-ass, A+; hand-in-ass, not for every day but exquisite nonetheless; foot-in-ass (just the toes, really), an amusing diversion; toes-in-mouth; pinky-tip in urethra; nipples in mouth; nipples in piss-slit, and many more; all enjoyable parts of a normal, red-blooded boy's exploration of the erotic-possible. Being largely a homo, I would probably be more likely to be seduced by my ear if it were an asshole, but again, the disadvantages of what came out of it would certainly outweigh the pleasure of any congress that I might have with it.


Q: A man who gives himself a nightly handjob is not considered gay. But, for some reason, sucking yourself off and swallowing your own cum seems a little more homoerotic than autoerotic. What do you think?

A: While I identify as Queer (I stopped identifying with the "gay" label on the day that I first heard of the Log Cabin Republicans) my penis is all-man, 100% straight and none of that fag stuff, OK? Everybody knows that a straight guy will stick it into anything that's warm, wet, and reasonably maggot-free, and my hetero-cock is no exception. If there was any pussy around he'd be on it like white on rice, but a man's gotta take his satisfaction where he finds it, y'know?

Being a child of the '60s, I imbibed theories of the polymorphous-perverse and of the fluidity of gender and sexuality with my mother's milk. Now that all of these Queer Theory whippersnappers have revived these ideas with new and much harder to pronounce names, I sound like less of a relic when I argue that gender and sexual orientation are socially constructed elaborations on whatever inborn tendencies and drives we might have. The narrow binary of gay vs. straight is a prison (and you know what men get up to with each other in prison). Is it homoerotic for a man to suck his own cock? Etymologically it would seem more so than if he were to suck another man's cock, and yet, hetero means "different" and sucking yourself off is pretty different, so maybe it’s really a heteroerotic act. 

I have a Bulletin Board on my website and get a fair number of posts from straight guys who suck themselves, some of whom are concerned about the homo or heterocity of the act, and others who are smart enough to skip that shit and worry about the important questions: how do I get more of it in my mouth, and is it really possible to fuck my ass with my own cock? 

On a cautionary note, I do also get posts from formerly 100% hetero guys who, having tasted the heavenly manna of their own cocks are now finding themselves wondering what it would be like to suck another guy, so there may be a slippery-slope (slippery-shaft?) effect at work here.


Q: The self-consuming snake, ouroboros, is an ancient  symbol of infinity and fertility. The Egyptian God Amon created the world by eating his cum. Do you feel more in touch with mythology whilst shining your knob? Is autofellatio a quasi-religious ritual or are you just sucking yourself off?

A: Who can say for sure which ancient God one most resembles? As I say in the shocking autobiographical essay on my website; I'm sure that my childhood sojourn with the Secret Order of Tibetan Monks, and my kidnapping by a troupe of chimps as a babe have had some influences on my psyche, but it is the place of the Professional Alienists and of future historians to say what those effects were. Perhaps "a quasi-religious, just-sucking-myself-off ritual with a shallow, mythic quality" best describes it. 


Q: In terms of fertility, have you ever worried about eating watermelon seeds and then growing a watermelon-type humanoid in your stomach? The pregnancy would make future solosuck sessions very difficult. Thoughts?

A: I will not even dignify this ridiculous query with a response. I do however worry about the butt-babies that might result from fucking myself in the ass and always use the rhythm method to determine those times of the month when it is safe to plow my mangina with my massive fuck-stick and fill my hungry hole with a hot load of baby batter.


Q: What kind of thoughts do you get from the activity? Have you ever had any worthwhile realizations? 

A: Aside from that nagging feeling that all of the details of the Unified Field Theory would come into clear focus if I could just bend a little further and rim myself? "Worthwhile"ness being essentially a subjective quality I will say yes: "Oh yeah! If I twist my head to the side while I thrust, my throat rubs on my cockhead in a completely different way" seems to me far more worthwhile than anything that I've ever heard coming out the mouth of a career politician. "Oh Fuck, I love my cock" far superior to any of the body-hating propaganda endlessly spewing from every orifice of corporate media and the Judeo-Christian morality cops.


Q: Is solosucking purely sexual? Does it also involve a related political position?

A: When I was 17 or 18, I was walking down the street with my friend Aaron. We were talking politics and he said "I suppose if I was going to call myself anything I'd say I'm a Marxist." I said "Well, I guess I'm an anarchist." It just popped out; I don't remember having given it any conscious thought before that moment, but I was right, and that conversation was the first step in my eventual immersion in the anarchist movement and the promulgation of anarchist ideals.

Anarchism is certainly an extreme political position; did twisting my body into the extreme positions required for autofellatio influence my mind’s bent towards an extreme political philosophy? If I were an individualist anarchist then the solitary, self-sufficient nature of autofellatio would be a pretty obvious match with the politics, but being more disposed towards a basically anarcho-communist politic I would have to say that any direct link between the nature of the acts and the politics is pretty tenuous.

I do have the pleasure of saying "I suck my own cock for a living" to people who ask me what I do, and I would consider that to be a political statement. Working for myself, doing something that I love and that I'm very good at is political. Defining the self-suck videos that I make as Art; as much as the sculpture and other more traditional art objects that I create; that's political. The only real problems I have with what I do are the environmental impact and the capitalist milieu in which I have to operate. I sell big hunks of toxic plastic that were manufactured by horribly exploited workers in terrible conditions in the "Third World." I'm not happy about that, but all money is dirty money and doing the videos gives me the free time to make art and work for a better world.


Q: Were you able to do it (suck yourself off) right away? Or did it take some hard work and perseverance?

A: First time; half of my cock in my mouth, no problem. It did take a while to get the whole thing in, though.


Q: Have you ever thought about doing a self-help video about the wonders of autofellatio? Do you ever guide those who post messages on your board? Do you have any basic advice for beginners?

A: "Solo-suck for the Soul"? "I'm OK, You're Unnecessary"? "How To Be Your Own Best Blowjob"? Imagine the infomercial! I have a "How-To" page on my website that gives what little advice I have to give. I never had to learn, so I don't think I'm the best person to teach those for whom it doesn't come naturally. I do my best to offer advice and encouragement to those who ask for it, but it's really all there in my “How-To.”


Q: When you're feeling good about yourself, do you suck more tenderly? When you're disappointed, do you take it out on yourself?

A: Nope.


Q: When you manually masturbate, there's typically very little thrusting. In an act that involves both sucking and thrusting, however, does your mind master what's going on between your mouth or your cock? Do you tend to fuck yourself harder? Or suck yourself harder?

A: Imagine having someone suck on your cock who knows exactly what you're feeling at every moment; who can adjust every variable instantly to provide you with maximum pleasure. Imagine (this one is going to be more of a stretch for non-cocksuckers) sucking on the cock of a man who knows exactly how hard and fast to push, and when to pull out (for those of us who still have a gag-reflex). Having that much control means that I can have a variety of kinds of orgasms and can easily separate orgasm from ejaculation, and shoot a number of loads before having the final orgasm. It isn't a substitute for sex with other people; it's a completely different thing, like masturbation squared. It's like any good sex: Sometimes it's cerebral, sometimes the body takes over.


Q: Has the sexual self-sufficiency made you aloof, egotistical, self-centered, etc?

A: What makes you think you have right to intrude on my privacy and ask me, The Master, such an impertinent question? Paying me silent tribute (preferably in unmarked bills to my Swiss bank account) and allowing me to continue to bask in my own magnificence, while a pale and frustrating substitute for actual contact with Me is all that you deserve.


Q: And just for kicks, what's the last novel you read? 

A: Paul Lussier's Last Refuge of Scoundrels. An enjoyable retelling of the American Revolution as an extended crime-of-passion by ordinary people, with delightfully unflattering portraits of many of the "Founding Fathers."

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