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They are despicable, destructive, dirty, intellectually inferior, lazy, undisciplined, immoral. They are murderers, rapists, thieves, slaves to their false desires. They kill one another, themselves, their children, and corrupt the earth. Liars, deceivers, deniers, they are delusional believers in vengeful gods. They manipulate, subjugate, denigrate  themselves, each other. They have blood on their tongues and their hands. They speak of love and fear death, created out of self-hatred. Invoking their hired consciousness, they have no respect or understanding for silence and the flow of water. Seeking truth, but harvesting only lies, which feed upon lies, with senses numb, undeveloped, they see only artificial light and self-reflected images, smell only the perfume of deception, taste only the dreck of their contaminate, hear only the disharmony of their dysfunction, and they can touch nothing, for their hearts are venomous and decayed. They feel from weakness and disease, and use glitter, when what is needed, is compassion. And worst, by far, is that they breed excessively, as a right, rather than a privilege, leaving a legacy of self-gratification, falsely believing they are better, higher, more important than the others, whom they call, the masses. I hate and fear them all. For how can they be better, higher, more important, when, if they were absent from the earth tomorrow, it would thrive. Yet, if insects were to disappear from the earth tomorrow, life on this planet would die. Yes, I am a racist. And it is the only race, the human race, I detest. And I would rightfully have a disposition toward self-loathing, except . . . I am better, higher, and more important.

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All about the site known as Eyeshot