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Today you will find money in the pocket of your new blue shirt. One of the bills will have I Love You LilyMalar 420 written on the back and even though your name is not LilyMalar you will blush. You will feel apprehensive because you are sure this money is not yours. In order to feel safer, you will close the only window in your room. Leafy sea dragons will cluster on your windowsill to see what you are hiding. They will say who’s the small loser when you knock them off the windowsill with a broken pencil. They will leave behind streaks of algae on purpose. In the evening you will think of the streaks on your windowsill and feel lonely. You will click here because you know I take off all my clothes and put everything in my mouth for you.


Today you will wear the blue shirt again because you found money in it yesterday and you think the same thing will happen today. Today you will find dead seahorses in the pocket. The leafy sea dragons will cluster on your windowsill to see what you are hiding and you will feel guilty about the dead seahorses and the money, though neither is your fault. You will throw all your ration kerosene on the leafy sea dragons and they will say who’s the small loser before dying on your windowsill. You will collect all the dead bodies in a yellow cloth bag and throw them in an abandoned municipal garbage bin. You will see a gang of gentoo penguins pass by and you will be convinced that they saw you kill the leafy sea dragons. Overcome with guilt, you will go home and click here because I love it when you come in my mouth baby. 


Today you will throw the blue shirt in the abandoned municipal garbage bin because you think it is unlucky. People will ask why you keep throwing things in abandoned garbage bins. Someone will say they saw you throw something in there yesterday and someone else will say I saw you too, it looked just like you and you will say ‘I don’t know him!’ and they will say ‘Him what him?’ You will spend the afternoon at home, watching an albino killer whale hurl itself into the sky. You will promise yourself that tomorrow you will act like nothing happened and you will be normal. As a reward for being normal tomorrow, you will click here today to see me fully without dress ready to make big hot sexy for you.


You will stay inside all morning. You will look at the streaks of algae on the windowsill and forget about the money. Then you will remember the money and you will go out and blow it all on three large cases of Minty-Fresh Export-Quality Aadi Velli Special Non-Cola Cola. This will make you feel angry and stupid. In your anger, you will corner a lone gentoo penguin and ask it what it knows. Then you will tell the penguin that it knows nothing. The gentoo penguin will call you a sanitary napkin sucker and you will beat the penguin to death with sloppy fists and throw its body in the abandoned municipal garbage bin. Later, you will click here to see me but I won’t be there. Instead, you will see my friend who is a city college girl doing bending exercise in bra and fanty.


You will have nightmares that a gang of gentoo penguins keeps jumping on your face while the albino killer whale hurls itself up and down, up and down without helping you. After waking up you will feel scared. Then you will feel proactive and scrub the algae streaks off your windowsill. You will drink three bottles of Non-Cola Cola and vomit continuously for the next hour. In the night, you will stand at the window and wish you hadn’t thrown away the blue shirt because you really liked it. You will also think you are a murderer and sometimes a pervert. You will not click here to see my naughty servant girl giving me full body oil massage. Instead, you will fall asleep and dream that I am taking off your shirt and spitting hot kerosene in your face.


After the bodies of the leafy sea dragons, the seahorses and the gentoo penguin are found in the abandoned garbage bin, the slum will be under curfew in anticipation of communal violence. Your blue shirt will be recovered and three policemen will bring it to your door. You will give them the rest of your Non-Cola Cola and they will give you the shirt and leave. You will set the sleeve of the shirt on fire and throw it out the window. It will land on the man who sells Non-Cola Colas and you will watch his hair and shoulders catch fire. You will decide to buy a new blue shirt tomorrow. Then you will click here to have sweetsexy Saturday chat with me because I love you long time and Sunday is my holiday. 


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