submit or the kid'll kick ye ass

As the years swim on
Your love grows deeper than an
Ocean full of sharks

Washing the dishes
In the evening, in the sink,
Nobody loves you

You are wise in the
Ways of financial dealing.
Where’s my fifty bucks?

Stop looking and you
Will find what you seek,  like that 
Pot in your dresser.

Something wonderful 
Is happening  soon  for you.
Undo your zipper.

Only you control
Your destiny…after you
Kill the president

You combine good taste
With a smart mind, except when
You take off your clothes

If you’re a leader
Of many great men, you’ll be
Known as The Asshole

Destiny points you
To a happy place, right there
Inside that coffin.

Your natural charm
Will attract someone special
With a big penis

Follow your heart but
Listen to your inner voice.
It speaks in Spanish.

Your name and lifework
Will always be remembered.
What’s your name again?

Your wisdom lies in
Your ability to do

Mr. Sampsell does this.

[Forever after at

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