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JR Vansant -- a little publishing effort out of Brooklyn, named after the character from the great Gaddis novel -- is glad to announce that the first two stapled pamphlets / booklets / chapbooks are now out and ready to be read:

Chris Diken's story "Some People" and part one of a long poem by Stan Mir, "Flight Patterns." 

JR will publish a poet and a fiction writer simultaneously a couple times a year, trying to match up two writers whose works work well together. Chris' and Stan's work could not be more different but it's precisely that aspect, as well as the sharpness and depth of the writing that make them perfect companions. Read one on the train to work and one on the way home. 

Forthcoming chapbooks include "The Snipe" by Matthew Derby and the continuation of Stan's poem, with "Test Patterns."

See jrvansant.com for ordering info, etc. They're only $3 each. 

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