We are back mthrfckers!

In my last tooth is a little loop which if I pull, unravels everything.

The tooth is as they say partially erupted.

There is a wisdom organ they say you wouldn’t need. Might be trouble later on.

You reach the loop through a hole in the tooth. Like a slipknot.

Partially erupted like a mountain.

And at the other end of the loop?

Still covered by soft folded broken meat like an avalanche.

You can fill the hole with gold if you want to. Still you can let it heal. They say not to smoke for a few days after.

Maybe with a needlenose pliers?

“Perfection is something that is lived in as an unpremeditated moment, and that moment has no continuity; therefore perfection can not be thought out, nor can a way be found to make it permanent.” (Krishnamurti)

Some experience dread when the slipknot…

I’ve been using a toothpick.

…something bigger waiting.

Heidi likes Parliament Menthols.

Was the trouble they said the hole in the tooth or the broken meat or other horrors?

When everything unravels there will be not any holes.

There will be not any…

Partially erupted like laughter.

We dance a circle at the edges of the crown (of the mountain) (of the tooth) (…)

“For we then recognize that although two equal spaces can be completely filled with different kinds of matter so that there is no point in either where matter is not present, nevertheless every reality has, while keeping its quality unchanged, some specific degree (of resistance or weight) which can, without diminution of its extensive magnitude or amount, become smaller and smaller in infinitum, before it passes into the void and so vanishes out of existence.” (Kant)

I tap the organ and we dance. We drink and smoke all the time anyway.

Still covered by soft folded broken meat like a slaughterhouse.

They say it can be soothing. (Menthol)

Maybe wear a mask? You wouldn’t need it, they say, anyway. (Other horrors later on)

Eyes wet mirrors.

For now the hole is in the crown. You reach the loop that’s like a slipknot through the hole.

In my last tooth, a little loop, I can reach with my tongue.

I’m never thirsty.

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