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Hey remember just a few days ago when we were talking about how painters never made babiesí heads the right size until the Renaissance? How the babiesí heads were all out of proportion, like the size of an adult human compared with the size of its body. I mean I couldnít believe it never occurred to anyone to look and notice that your head barely grows at all while your body chutes out in every possible direction during adolescence. And that, retroactively, it means babies heads are way too big. Cartoon-like big, like a fetus. Because they recently were fetuses. And you said itís not that they didnít realize babiesí heads were big but that art had a more iconic role, that it wasnít meant to represent life accuratelyóthat it was actually considered a sin to reflect real life. But I was like it doesnít matter anyway because its not like European art was all there was. Look at African sculptures and for godís sake Easter Island! Well I was thinking and you know how we were eating at that Thai restaurant earlier that night? And I pointed out my grampa has a tattoo of the lion from the Singha bottle. So Iíve been looking at that lion and, you know, itís not the most realistic lion either. Like it seems like all Thai art and even southeast Asian art in general draws and carves these animals with sort of an abstract flourish, and it never looks anything like a live beast but you know you can tell what it is. I mean I would look at a lion and I would have never even thought of making it look like that, with those lips and hoops and stripes so it kind of looks like a cross between a flower and a dragon and a dog. But I think maybe I like it better that way. Itís more fun and I canít tell you how boring it would be to see statues of all these regular lions. But what surprises me is that there doesnít seem to be disagreement among the Thai people who made the art. Like I expect at least one person would be like letís make it look like a real lion, and a lot of people would probably say hey that makes sense. So youíd think it would have been hard to convince people the crazy flamboyant lion looks better or even worth trying. But it rocks. I see those lions all over the place. And people figured that out way before bothering to make babiesí heads the right size.

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