this is a wounded bald eagle from the raptor center outside iowa city

Our frame-related problems in the browser known as "Safari" have been resolved, at least the home page, the only page we've made the coding change for, looks how it should now. Thanks to all those who wrote in with the fix. Felix Lee was the first, and so it was his (her?) fix that fixed our frames problem. Thanks again.

Please realize that we will be instituting a new system for replying to submissions. In the past, we have gone out of our way to write silly and/or performative and/or semi-constructive rejections. Lately we have received many submissions that seem submitted solely to egg on our silly, performative, and semi-constructive editorial tendencies, and so we now announce that we shall henceforth most often respond with a link to an elaborate, exhaustive form letter. Please realize that we may still very well provide personalized rejections, but if you receive such a rejection, it will be uncommon. Our submission guidelines will be updated to reflect this new submission-response system soon. Submissions we haven't responded to over the last month will be responded to in this manner before the weekend's up, maybe.

Also, it is very likely that toward the end of September we will begin posting no more than TWO pieces each week, one long and one short. Things will always be subject to change, but we'd prefer to post fewer pieces each week, as well as provide a regular online outlet for longer stories than those that've been appearing lately on this website. We will still post short things, too, just we won't do so as often. (Please realize that none of this has anything whatsoever to do with the Eyeshot editor being in grad school.) 

Eyeshot will begin again on Monday with a extraordinaily long story by Jamie Allen that will remain on the home page until at least the first of September. 

Thank you. 


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