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1. We are HUMANS. We represent a young civilization, too young and too helpless for being the first making a step to an encounter with other intelligent beings. If this Universe hosts other intelligent beings. We are living smothered, in a very annoying agglomeration, on a planet who can't be for a long time our house. We are so alone. A boundless point  in the boundlessness of the Universe. Humans and our God, both of us are so alone. 

2. We reached the boundaries of our Solar System. We already know it as our palm. We colonized Mars planet because we didn't have other choice. On Earth we were damned. We enlarged our vital room, the agglomeration was not a problem anymore for us. But the loneliness feeling was much more overwhelming for us. Are we really the only answerable of the Universe? Are we a cosmic oasis surrounded by non-existence, by abyss? 

3. We discovered a thing with a great consequence for us, a thing wished so much from our very ancient times. The LIGHTSPEED. Some people claimed it was impossible, but they were wrong. All it is possible in this Universe if you really wish to achieve your dreams. Only the avoiding of this unbearable loneliness remains a dreamland. Our fleets are crossing the hyperspace. But as our horizons become larger, as we feel more alone. 

4. A great event! Our first encounter with THE OTHERS! It didn't surprised us. They were almost like us. We needed just some centuries to assimilate all their knowledge. And they to assimilate ours. In time, living together, we founded a solitary civilization. Together we will try to discover NEW THINGS and to avoid our LONELINESS. 

5. We reached the edge of the Galaxy. We succeeded to contact new civilizations, some of them like us and some of them so different. We had wars with a part of them but we gained also a lot of aliases. Finally we succeeded to live together in peace with all the beings. We started to explore together the neighbor galaxies. We discovered other new civilizations and also other civilizations discovered us. Our ways and our destinies had crossed together. They were so many intelligent life forms - some of them superior to us, some of them inferior to us - but all of them always searching for some new things. All of them wanting to escape from the loneliness. 

6. We discovered the time travel. Our ancient writer H.G. Wells was right: it is a possible thing! But our ethics told us to avoid interfering into the past. Only the future was our target. We knew almost all our Universe. We couldn't talk anymore about us as being humankind or other species. Because we were a single species: the reason kind. We didn't matter about our external appearance, which caused such a lot of conflicts and wars. We counted just on our internal aspect, which we could see now clearly. We could see any being brighter than anytime. Any individual had intelligence, reason and faith. We didn't count anymore on his legs, eyes or stomach. Now we had just to explore the last "dusty" and forgotten corners of our Universe. 

7. We know all the Universe. Beyond its borders, it is just darkness and void. We need other Universe to discover but we can't escape from here. We reached all our goals but we are not happy anymore. It is a paradoxical situation: the infinite became restricted. We can't stop, we must do something, because our wish of searching new things is burning up our souls. We keep in our minds that we are prisoners. And we are so· LONELY. 

Please realize this was 
contributed by a Romanian.

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