in the fall, this collage, the cover of person pitch, was above the eyeshot editor's fave spot at the chapterhouse cafe in philly - crazy
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W R I T T E N   O N   S I X T Y - S E V E N T H   L I S T E N

Small explanatory note to satisfy the unhappily baffled: what follows is an abstract textual elaboration that was typed by an aurally sensitive fellow as he listened to newish music by Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox), a member of the relatively well-fit North American rock outfit known as "Animal Collective". This is not the first time we've done this; e.g, this and this and this (long, long ago) . 

Trainrattle handclap, a march exhalation, minneola thunder as edible and easy to skin as that hybrid of tangerine and grapefruit, coolness is having courage to do whatís right, try to remember always just to have a good time, good time, good time, good time, the sound sweeps in, slides, jet-trail swooshes, hydrogelatin scintillation, smells like happiness, harmony, harmonies, one man, or bear, double-time claps, comfy in nautica, enclosing, intensifying, macrocosmically cycling and all and then a transitional wave like the sheet of steel we got for our birthday this winter, had it installed into our soul to either stiffen or steady it, weíll see, another shuffle, take pills, slower, this one easier, tender and a little wounded baby bird covered in gauze in springtime yard, tambourine and water and moving boxes and unintelligible soaring harmonies that never quite make it out from underwater, then the bass repeats a little roll over and over and acoustic gtr picks up hello sunshine now we got rhythm and background laughter gooshy rainfall turned-on suggestive bloopy isometric hug love water, the second movement, declarative I donít want for us to take pills anymore anymore not that itís bad, three bass notes, cruising rhythm, pet sounds thunder slides gushes again the smell of moist resurgence summer happiness electronic and acoustic and natural not science fictional, the human ability to assert humanity over the inhuman, turn machine into tool, technology, then an outfazed peel and train goodbye complete with an owl hoot! strummed gtr on trotting reindeer sleighbell loop like clockwork, golden bros, single notes on top with 1983 a merman I shall turn to be tonally descending fazeouts not quite intelligible Iím not trying to forget you spinning along on a loop oh oh oh aw aw aw aw ahhh eewwee chantlike clockwork spinning faster and bass and interference more tense as it moves almost a rattling intermittent insurgence of deep distortion some duck weeping and whiz of gas and it keeps going as a car dopplers by and signals a drum to shuffle on brushes oh oh oh spare gtr sparks off the surface warm water jet spays and all those misty rainbows and schoolchildren excited now and more rhythm builds on a loop and rolling with seven and a half minutes to go, a stomp off balance now with a chord emerging crow laughs strumming acoustic to the fore leads the rats out on a perfect new afternoon, golden music, crimson music, blues-and-new music, green run run run runrun over what? again and again and sprinting down grassy hills this is happy shit man oh oh oh oh stuttering so happy even stuttering a rhythmic movement and back to the first rhythm theme-and-variation feels as Brian Wilson or Moondog or whoever staggered harmonies and elevation and oh someone is very happy everything fazed in and around unintelligible but the sense of it, thatís the point of this, the sense of it, the best sort of aural antidepressant, ambiguous enunciation open to whatever you need to hear since itís clear this is beneficently intended by its tone, yes, run run run runrun over what? run run run runrun over what? firework tracers and screamers and synthesized flutes and horns and merry independence as we celebrate roll through night now skies lit with this shit, bros till Iím not all backwards raining sand down a washboard and Iím not as angelic as this sounds melodic and Iím not for these days let let let it feels, Iím not breathing in and out like that, Iím not extended so long it sounds like an affirmative somehow, backwards surges golden strings even thunder and saliva clicks sound just plain happy and good, Iím not had this place gone too far, Iím not breathing again, the chorus stuck in some perpetual inaction web Iím not the downtime before good girl/carrots drops in with reverberated thud and rhythm now hectic totally lectrotribalistic and shit, a hit, insects on the peripheries, lectrocannibalistic ceremony at a distance filtered through a fuzz box and some blippity-click machine and a chant circling around a fire that donít exist because this is listened and thus evoked a sludgy monster that comes out the wilderness and the chant girl just a fit over and over and it stops and they sing inaudible lectroritualistic shit thatís spinning around and comes complete with human sacrifice! Certainly heard someone speared over there with a mini-jack and now say this girl this this girl this this girl over and over in lectrocircularistic tribal fun then unwinds and the beast thrashes into the woods and beyond that the sea's songs yet to come as we seamlessly meet carrots and things over here are longer and more orange and solo understood this time lectrobeachboystical in the best way that makes ya relisten to pet sounds and love it really for the first time, is there a reason to work so hard at this stuff when all I want to do is take it easyóitís not a ticket, for you to pick at, other people who donít know whatís up like yours so sure you do, and then it reverses and insects and groans and then itís back: you gotta make me wanna shut your mouth just to keep out all of those unfriendly feelings, just because you got a ball of wax and all those first inclinations, I want you to know sticks and stones might break my bones but words will never hurt me, all I need to know I knew so earlyóitís so lame that, you could take my feelings, and make yourself big, unintelligble soaring conclusion and back to the chorus, itís not a ticket, simple fun wise helpful instructive like hang onto your ego and more of that is why this is released in springtime when you wanna push into the next whatever and thereís a bird and thunder and bouyant steel drum ice cream vendor, listen kid between your notes thereís something good going while youíre busy taking notes, something good happening again, it's important to reiterate the totally rad beachboyististical goodness with arrhythmic steel drum throbs and crashes and zippers zipped up or down and the best part unintelligible before get your head out from your stacks, take a risk just for yourself unintelligible harmonizing goodness easy bouncing get your head out from your stacks and unintelligible like the beach boys associated with swirling hotub of scintillating love potions instead of some endless pacific ocean controlled like swirly and definitely immersive healing waters of audible sea of Sir Pandaís new home of Portugal or before that watching the sunrise break on the Brooklyn Ocean from a rooftop at dawn. Search for delicious starts with transmissions intercepted by cash registers and monkish wind retreats and a baseball card in the spokes and the screen wipes with nostalgic wash and thereís an ahhh ahhh and weíre still sort of searching here for the next bit when the tape twists and bubbles and restores and seagulls and tape distorts and maybe good memories twist around delicious where are ye now certainly behind us as we push a little from star to star or beach to beach or block to block drying off and twists of hair spaces created to separate them carrots from what comes next ahhh ahhhh ahhhh an afterlife after all the life thatís come and then when my soul starts growing we have definitely discovered delicious and I get so hungry and I wish it never would never would never would never would stop growing -- when my soul starts growing why this comes out in springtime since this will sound supernice on certain late-April afternoons early mornings first warm nights of summer when the world expands and you promise that you never would never would never would never would stop caring again. 

You can see/hear a song or two at the official myspace page. And download Person Pitch live as it was played on Lisbon radio in December, complete with a good inteview about the influence of dub reggae and the inevitable/necessary resurgence of Cat Stevens, all available free of charge in English here (that link there goes to an awesome blog called Ma Fama -- scroll down toward the bottom for Panda Bear, but definitely linger there and return a few hundred times a day). And at the very end of this interview with the Doors, Jim Morrison foresees the appearance of Panda Bear et al.
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