Below is a note we just sent to Ralph Nader, who's thinking about running for President! We definitely encourage you to send an e-mail to if you have similar feelings about his potential effect on the Democrats' chances this November.


Dear Mr. Nader, 

I largely back you in theory. But I also believe that now is not the time for you to run for President. Please don't be the Democratic Party's Ross Perot this year. All vaguely liberal votes must be won by the Democratic candidate. We must get Bush & his Bible-bangin' warhawks out of office. That's the most important issue this year. Your appearance on the ballot would only complicate and divide a liberal vote that must be united against those doing serious damage to our country. 

Ralph, please don't run. There are ways to rally for a stronger third- or fourth- or fifth-party presence without running for President. Please find them. Please don't take a single vote away from the Democrats. Every vote is needed this year. Choosing between the lesser of two evils may still mean you choose evil, but it's clear that the lesser evil in this case is extraordinarily less evil than Bush & his chaotic-evil cronies.



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The short of it is this:
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Here's the long of it: by clicking the words above you can help this youngish Arab-American Austinite lady win the "storySouth Million Writers Award for Fiction." According to storySouth, "The purpose of the Million Writers Award is to honor and promote the best fiction published in online literary journals and magazines during 2003." Around 600 stories were nominated, then fifty-something stories were chosen as notables (including Jamie Allen's "REO Speedwagon"-related story and Steven Coy's "Car Singer" as well as many other stories posted elsewhere by Eyeshot contributors including Gary Glauber, Kelly Daniel, Tom Bradley, Karen Ashburner, Christopher Monks, A.C. Koch, and Claudia Smith), and now it's down to ten stories, including Randa Jarrar's, which you can read here as long as you promise to click here or seven inches above and vote for her to win. We're sure it would make everyone involved very happy if Randa won. So click here and place your vote for Randa Jarrar to win the storySouth Million Writers Award for Fiction.