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Holy shit! I just got jumped! This has never happened to me before.  It makes you think about whatís really important when something like this happens.  I canít believe I got jumped by six guys! They were huge! They didnít even touch me.  

Iím fine, really, Iím ok.  I had a real good scare. I was walking around at night by myself. It was dark and a car pulled up next to me. I kept walking. One dude got out and followed me for a few steps. He asked me if I knew how to get to Coney Island. ďNot by car,Ē I said. Then he asked me again and thatís when I knew something was up. ďNo, sorry, not by car,Ē I said again. I kept walking, going on with my plans of walking around alone at night. Then he asked me again. ďDo you know how to get to Coney Island?Ē As if to say -- ďYou better tell me.Ē  I turned around and tried to explain that I only knew how to get there by subway. As I started to speak the doors of the car opened and five other very large dudes got out and ran at me as fast as they could. They were looking me over and sizing me up as they ran. I knew this was it. Itís my turn to get mugged and beaten. My first thought was to run but I didnít. I stood calmly. I remember thinking I was going to loose my teeth. Thatís what I thought first. Iíll be missing some teeth, probably the front ones. They were running at me and the original Coney Island guy got around behind me. I was getting ready. It was a quick time shift from walking with my thoughts to a moment from being smashed, kicked, and robbed. My attitude was to ďsee what happens.Ē I knew then and I know now that I cannot take on six tremendous dudes but I wanted to try. My instinct told me not to run. So I didnít. Each furious step of theirs was another towards my beating and bleeding.  As they were about one step away I took a half of a lean to the side and they kept going. They flew past me. Never touched me.  Never took anything from me. I stood in disbelief, adrenaline pumping, and I felt exhausted.  
I was just jumped minus the punching and the taking of stuff. I turned around and watched them run into a building. Did they forget? Everything before and after the running past me part went down perfectly, exactly how it should be to beat and rob me. I didnít know how to feel. I got jumped . . . but . . . I didnít.  

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