I remember rarely being conscious at this age. But I do recall realizing I was in a white
bunny suit and not thinking it was strange.



I was concerned about my weight from a young age. I did what I could to stay in shape



By the time I was two, I had learned to fake-smile.



I don't remember playing baseball but I do remember holding a bat and smiling
for some homosexual who said he was a photographer.



I'm not sure if this is me. But I remember the sun being brighter at the cottage than in the city.



For a brief period in grade nine, I thought I might become an actor.
This was also the period when I forgot to smile for a year and a half.



I remember thinking that true love costs a lot of money.



I'd just like to say, Fuck your award. It meant nothing to me; I know I can write. You can have your $4000.00



And you thought you could impress me by sending a limo. Well, I never signed with you, asshole.



A photo-shoot with an ex-girlfriend for a project she was doing. My blood-alcohol level almost reaching lethal that day.



Montessori school. Second from the left in the top row. I remember all the other children
seemed to have a place in life already and I was yawning and craving a cigarette

*Please note that all dates are horribly inaccurate.

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