this sweaty boy in the snow would like you to submit to the duck and herring show
Ron got me down to the Bunyan Land grain chute one night out on the road to Motley with the smell of rain water coming in through the ventilation which was open thank god since when its stuffy inside I get sick from the smell of spunk cant stand how sometimes it watches you and at Bunyan Land you can slide down the grain chute its a longer ride than anything Ive ever been on even the Apple Valley waterslide in fact you can count to twenty before you reach the bottom and when Ron got me there late that night the whole park all closed up we had to hop the fence and when I climbed to the top of the chute Ron said hed catch me yes I asked him if he was as strong a man as Paul Bunyan and he said Molly come on forget Paul Bunyan Ill catch you just get down here but Paul oh Paul scooping out the Great Lakes as watering holes for Babe felling forests in swoops giant man both kind and strong and  I always imagine him clean with a wellwashed face shirt tucked in axe handle gleaming I needed Ron to be Paul just for a moment just long enough for me to let go and slide down I yelled down to Ron hey Paul tell me youll catch me no matter what and Ron looked up at me from down at the end of the chute for a minute before he hooked his thumbs in pretend suspenders and smiled and shouted up to me Ill ride the logs like whales darling down the whole river long and saw through as many trees in a morning as it would take Dutch Jake a week all that and more just to be at the bottom of this chute to catch you well thats fine I said but tell me about big Babe Babe he said when you reach the bottom we can ride Babe clear to the Grand Canyon which should take but a day for Babe the Blue Ox measuring forty-two axe handles plus a plug of tobacco between her two horns will lead us with giant strides out of this dump and far out into the great west it was lovely what he said and it started getting so hot that I took off my sweatshirt and hola he said now get down here damn so I let go slid down but was too excited to count to twenty like you should and Paul was there to catch me and he did and I asked him about Babe and he said sure shes just outside lets go so we went out and there she was big bright and blue I got on with Paul just behind me so close I could smell him as we rode off and I swear he smelled cleaner than clean yes he did.
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