today's picture is a drawing by matt leines that was provided to us by some belgian guy whose website features submissions guidelines that state that the site shall make money by requiring your credit card infomation upon transmittal - we realize we probably shouldn't be using this image as we are, but we think it's really fucking great and would like to direct people to this link where people could learn more about the artist guy:
From: Anonamous
Sent: Friday, June 13, 2003 11:46 PM
To: Evil Restrant Company
Subject: Why Are You Doing This???

Dear Evil Restrant Company,

My father recently came in from out of town and I took him for lunch when he was here. I took him to your restrant for a special occassion. When we both saw that you carried Veal on the menu, we decided we were not interested in any such establishment that operated in such a fashion. Thank you anyway!

We think people or company restrants who support, accept, and sell Veal are evil. It is that simple!!!

You all may want to educate yourselves and read up on it and see the pictures and everything else. You certainly would not want it done to you. You know what Iím talking about, you wouldn't last one day! You couldnt deal with one second of it, Iím sure! And I'm also quite sure your "successful" owner and the rest of the folks there could not care LESS about this or learning about anything, so donít even try. They are too busy making things sound fancy with the wordings on the dishes on their menu. Stupid.

What comes around will eventually go around. And we know you don't need our business. Good! You aren't getting it or the HUNDREDS of people I will inform with this. You may impress you rich, stuck up, useless clientele. Let them be impressed. We were utterly disgusted and left and wasted the trip for nothing. Even my father, who is to put it quite bluntly ďa tough guy assĒ (at times) who doesnt care about anything was truly apalled and wanted to leave. AND WE DID!

Its the way this evil world is and I'm not going to change it and I understand. At least there was a very good Indian restaurant down the block that made curry bowls, so the day wasínt totally blown . Do us a favor---don't email us back! This has been made clear to you now. It will be deleted if one is received, and forwarded to Compuserve!! (and to local papers if you email back).

We aren't interested in hearing from people like this or you. Tell your fat owner to become a human, and though I'm not remotely religious, I do believe that if there is any reason for us all to exist, that those that treat these animals the way they do will undoubtedly have their souls dealt with one day in hell. And that includes the people that participate in it, cause it, and are accessories to it by eating it.

If people would not want it done to them, they should not do it to someone or something else. Itís that simple! Otherwise, they are nothing but evil, pathetic, ignorent, meanspirited, heartless, callus, cruel hypocrites---with no compassion or empathy-----that can also stick themselves and their supposed "religion" and "G-D" down the toilet!!!

Tell your owner to roll around in his green cash and smell it---and to enjoy the accolades from the papers and magazines. It isn't going to help him in the end! Good day.

Your Anonamous Enemy

[Forever after at


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