As long as we’re silent like this remember you can revise experience so there’s no fairer page in your book of life than the delicious memory of passages wherein affection contrives to provide witchcraft the attraction and truth it needs to parcel accidental and trivial circumstances. In looking backward, remember that athletes of the day went in for repetition lifting of many sorts. Remember the bony appearance of the world’s champion at the punching bag a few years ago? The history of the planet has seen alternating periods of tranquility and convulsion, the former enduring for ages, and resembling the state of things now experienced by man; the other brief, transient and paroxysmal, giving rise to new mountains, seas, and valleys, annihilating one set of organic beings, ushering in another, days come and go, people are late for work, cabbies pick up customers, and the police go about their business. Why hang a self portrait when you can walk around in one? Why not investigate the mystery of your daughter’s “accidental” death? Courteous reader, let me request you to move onwards. The tears of life are now over and gone––and almost forgotten. Am I married? Not yet. And still take opium? On Saturday night. If you have regularly attended you must have seen understanders who have magnificent upper arm development support the weight of their partners. Lifting humans in diverse ways is one of the best ways to demonstrate your strength. People know that humans are quite heavy. It has seemed to me that thinner arms, with very prominent veins showing, attract more favorable attention than bigger arms without veins clearly defined. Fatherhood implies ownership of the means by which children and dependents are supported. Antediluvian man renewed does with my friends as I do with my books. I have them where I find them, but seldom use them, for I cannot afford to speak much. If the understanders are great, they make me great also, so great I cannot descend to converse. 


See summertime & disappear mt. rainier


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