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Last year, Randa Jarrar's You Are A 14-Year-Old Arab Chick Who Just Moved To Texas won the Million Writers Award. This year we've nominated three stories and we suggest you nominate one, too. Just e-mail your name, the name of the nominated author, the name of the site, and the story's URL to The deadline for submitting story nominations is February 1, 2005. Winning such awards is a very good thing for the writer who wins, and so below, in no particular order (other than that the top three are the ones we nominated), are some stories we suggest you consider nominating for the Million Writers Award:

The Truth About Belafonte Garcia by Jamie Allen

How To Seduce the Woman of Your Dreams & Make Her Yours Forever by Scott Bryan Wilson

Variations on a Party by Charles Ullmann

Sea by Bay Anapol

The Sofa by Ryan Boudinot

Transubstantiation by Alicia Gifford

The Wall Mirror by James Stegall

Please nominate one of the above or something else posted on this site or some other site in 2004.

For now, spend a bit of money on Hobart #4 and/or Randall DeVallance's book (he also wrote this and that) and/or Boom! #1 (only $8 for preorders - make sure to turn up the volume if you click the Boom! link), and/or freely submit your sexy shorts to a print anthology called See You Next Tuesday, and/or send all sorts of fine work for the upcoming Duck & Herring Co. print publications. You can also submit here, to this website, if you want to, too. We'll start posting again around the first of February. And oh yeah, the Philadelphia Eagles are going to the friggin' Super Bowl!!! Our love for them is difficult to describe, so we'll just leave it like that and savor the season until the sixth of February. Get well soon, T.O. Shock God and doctors alike!!!

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