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The dolphins have brokered a deal with a desert tenant, and will get 75% of any catch they drive into the fishermen’s nets. 

This is not science fiction.


– 60 with X who is sprouting hair on his tongue and wants a policy covering colour. It is still downy and grey.

– this is bad for all and it is no different if the hair is growing from any part of the oracular orifice or if the hair is black or white. 

I am of indeterminate hue. Black is contagious


Dream that I am dreaming and in this second dreaming the dolphins and I exchange ivory teeth


Vomit a great amount of blood which has a good colour and which is not diseased, suffer an arbitrary loss of only 20% of the structure 
of my consciousness.


They play catch-and-throw. 

Anything beginning with ‘C’ is addressed for levitational purposes; couches, cats, cots and conches 


Agatha souses a hermaphrodite Encantado in her purse, which is no less wicked than a pirate or a murderer. After coitus they resume the discussion on algorithmic calculus while I gather collective memories into miniscule carafes. 
These carafes know that they know and are consequently plotting an insurgency. We pyramid them, and set about making an implosion so as not to destroy the corridor of the George V.


More dolphins are asked for


One epileptic is engulfed by moisture and the vagabonds are enjoying travel. A fisherman, by the buffet is kissing his penis. The rest receive the sea into their bodies.

I have technical instructions for all these people and I begin with those in customary clothing that is appropriate to the current climate.


Dolphins sporting in a calm sea, activate wind, them that splash water in a billowy sea prophesy calm weather (but beached it cannot save itself, it pants convulsively). He said it sprang from the sea and fell at the admiral’s feet as he was walking along the shore on the eve of the naval battle off Sicily. 


1. Duplicate dolphin’s contrivance. 

2. Apply black to the two inertial frames of reference. 

3. If black returns true then loop forever.

[Forever after at]

Please realize the above was contributed 
by someone in Greece


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