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This New York marketing firm's specialty is under-the- radar marketing. For example: Cornerstone hires kids to log into chat rooms and pose as just another fan of one of their clients. 
-- Merchants of Cool, Frontline, PBS (2001)

JamieS: Hey, what's happening?

Katie42: Nuthin' Just talkin' :)

[DrCoolGuy has entered]

Katie42: We were talking about the new Brad Pitt movie.

Katie42: He's super hott.

DrCoolGuy: Ooh, I've seen that.  He's not so hott.

JamieS: He's fine.

DrCoolGuy: You know what's fine is the new Funkalicious album

DrCoolGuy: I have it and I'm listening to it right now.

[SpriteRules has entered]

DrCoolGuy: I'm recommending to all of my young friends that they buy it!

JamieS: That's cool ;)  Haven't heard it though. :(

SpriteRules: Heya hep cats, you all digging on carbonated beverages lately?

SpriteRules: My favorite goes by the name of Sprite.  It is, as we say, the bomb.

Katie42: Yeah, I like Sprite okay.

DrCoolGuy: I'm too busy listening to the new Funkalicious album to care about some stupid soft drink

[NotAThirtyYearOldMan has entered]

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: Yo! Yo! Yo!

Katie42: Hi!

JamieS: Yo! :)

SpriteRules: Yo! (I'm drinking a Sprite right now!)

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: Yo!  You guys should totally be watching MTV right now!

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: Carson is totally talking to Funkalicious!

DrCoolGuy: Oh yeah!

JamieS: I'm at the library right now, so I can't watch.

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: Then go home!

SpriteRules: Pick up a Sprite on your way!

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: Yo!

[AdExecutizzle has entered]

DrCoolGuy: You know, I was thinking how great it is that Funkalicious supports their community.

DrCoolGuy: And how their record is selling at Wal-Mart right now for ten bucks.

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: And how they're on MTV right now!

SpriteRules: And they totally drink Sprite!

AdExecutizzle: And how they only use Michellin brand tires!

JamieS: What are you guys talking about?

NotAThirtyYearOldMan:  Nuthin'. :)

AdExecutizzle: Hey, here's a wacky, totally funky question, but how many people here know if their parents have Michellin brand tires on their cars?

Katie42: I have no idea what you're talking about.

AdExecutizzle: Why don't we all go out and look at our parent's car tires right now!

AdExecutizzle: That would be crazy whack!

AdExecutizzle: We could also totally ask how satisified they are with their tires, one being the best and five the worst!

SpriteRules: Ask them if there's any Sprite in the fridge too!

JamieS: You guys are really weird.

[JamieS has left]

DrCoolGuy: Where did JamieS go?

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: Probably didn't want to be destracted while watchin MTV and Funkalicious' big premiere.

SpriteRules: Or she's thirsty.  My mom always said that we must obey our thirsts.

Katie42: You guys want to talk about anything else besides Sprite?

Katie42: Or Funkalicious?

Katie42: Or MTV?

AdExecutizzle: Totally!

AdExecutizzle: Let's talk tires!

Katie42: Or tires?

AdExecutizzle: Oh.

DrCoolGuy:  Sure, I'm up for it.

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: Yeah!

Katie42: Okay, what?

SpriteRules: Um...

DrCoolGuy: Yeah!

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: Yo!

Katie42: Let's be honest, you guys are really just thirtysomething people hired by ad agencies who are just trying to sell me something right?  Because I'm in the right demographic for the crap you're desperate for?

Katie42:  That's just depressing -- you masquerading as kids.

SpriteRules: WHAT?!

DrCoolGuy: You are so totally wrong!!

[Katie42 has left]

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: ....crazy whack?

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: ....hello?

DrCoolGuy: She's left, guys.

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: Damn!

DrCoolGuy: I get paid shit to talk to these kids all damn day and they always get all mouthy in the end.


SpriteRules: Fucking kids.

AdExecutizzle:  Wait.

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: What is it?

AdExecutizzle: You guys are in advertising?  You were trying to sell stuff?

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: Don't play stupid, Michellin Man.

SpriteRules: Your hands have blood on them, just like ours.

DrCoolGuy: Go outside and fucking rate your parents' tires on a one to five scale?

DrCoolGuy: That's the lamest one I've seen yet.

AdExecutizzle: Whoa!

AdExecutizzle: I'm a fourteen year old kid, man!

AdExecutizzle: I just like tires, that's all!!  Can't a kid have a hobby?

AdExecutizzle: You guys are nuts!

SpriteRules: Give it up already.

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: I think he's serious guys.

DrCoolGuy: Really?

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: That's a pretty fucking bad excuse. 

NotAThirtyYearOldMan: Tires as a hobby?

SpriteRules:  See, I knew it all along!

SpriteRules:  I was just getting crazy on ya AdExecutizzle!

DrCoolGuy: Yeah, we were totally just joking.

NotAThirtyYearOldMan:  Yeah, cause they're Funkalicious, when they're on MTV, they're always playin'.

SpriteRules: And totally drinking Sprite.


[Steve Delahoyde does this.]

[Forever after at

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