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Here are some photographs taken at the 215 Festival on Friday, 10/10/03, between the hours of 8PM and 3:30AM.

The pictures are presented in rough chronological order, as well as we can reconstruct the evening
according to the scant photographic evidence we have found of its existence.

All other memories were (thankfully?) lost in a flood of several thousand cheap beer & whisky-shot specials.

Whitney Pastorek, in the vicinity of strange feet and a man's gold-watched wrist,
photographed by the eyeshot editor, as he, in sunglasses missing left lens, purple boa, and day-glo
dennis rodman t-shirt, took photographs from the stage to begin the evening's proceedings.

Photograph of a section of the evening's early crowd - please note Monkeybicycle editor, Shya Scanlon (rear left), pumping his
middle finger for posterity. Also, please admire the waitress' tattoos along her peerage.

Dan Kennedy rocked loud and long in black outfit and matching motherf'n Gibson Les Paul.

Jamie Allen and Monkeybicycle co-editor Steven Seighman admirably ignore an expanse of natural blond.

Eyeshot Literary Escorts Elizabeth Ellen & Shauna McKenna protect their midsections from
the pleasurable probes of Hobart Pulp editor Aaron Burch's northwestern toothsomeness

Skeleton Killer Ian Kane and Kristin McGonigle looking rough & tumble out on the shattered Philadelphia street.

Jamie Allen leads the Neal Pollack-less Invasion as Ben Brown looks on.

Ben Brown looks evilish amongst the varied scalps of the Philadelphia night

This is Neal Pollack's new author picture

No idea what this is? Some sort of flesh?

The Neal Pollack Invasion exerts. Please note Neal's near-perfect singerly bending of left knee.

Here you have Dennis DiClaudio's new author photo, featuring Dennis bespeckled to the left, Neal Pollack in white t-shirt and PBR can,
a shiny-haired young woman showing a bit of panty, Ben Brown's back, and two N.P Invaders stealin' the spotlight

The Neal Pollack Apollonian Physique

Late-night: one of many very subtle public displays of affection.

Smily, smily, smily stranger, with two Skeleton Killers close at hand

Please realize that the Eyeshot Editor is very, very, very tall

Jamie Allen fails to ponder his reflection in the television, Whitney sort of jukes along with her beer,
and Ben Brown and unknown stranger remove a hotel curtain from the after-party bedroom to drape it
across the rest of the evening's proceedings so we'd all awake refreshed the next morning . . .

[Forever after at http://eyeshot.net/215.html]

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