mr. coy presents 1000 words' worth of photofiction -- check his publishing concern

Canít you at least just try? Seeólook, here, I can hold your back like this and we can very easily just roll over without itóohóthat hurts too? I didnít even do anything . . . Are you okay? Does it still hurt? Even with me here just like this? Do you want to keep rolling over? We can just ó okay, no ó nevermind ó no, we donít have to, of course not, not if it hurts you so much. Yeah, Iím fine, donít worry about it, please, please do not worry about me. This is not about me. Heyólisten to me! Donít worry about itóit is completely fine, okay? Iím fine. Really. Pleaseóno!óitís nothing to cry aboutócome onóbecause nothingís wrong! NoóI promise that nothing is wrong with you! Maybe itís me, maybe Iím too big? I donít know why this happens! But Iím still here with you, arenít I? And thereís no one else and Iím not going to leave. Nobody can see us and nobody has to know. No, no, no, I donít know why you keep asking me that. That doesnít matter. Stop asking because it doesnít matter. Fineóyou really want to know? Okay!ósince you absolutely must know, it was not ever like this with other girls and I donít know why it is with you but heyówill you just listen to me? Stop crying for a second and listen to me. Are you listening? I have something very important to tell you and I want to make sure youíre listening. Are you sure youíre listening? OkayóI love you. Did you hear what I just said? I just said that I love you! Thatís why I married you! That means no one else matters more than you. I didnít love them like I love you. Do you even understand what Iím telling you? I didnít have this problem with any of them, but if I did I wouldnít have put up with it because I didnít love them like I love you. No, no, no, no, Iím not just putting up with you. I didnít mean it like that. Why do you always do that? Iím trying to say pretty things to you and you turn them so evil. Why do you always do that? Please understand that you are number one! And I donít care that we canítóyou knowóbecause that doesnít matter. Hey, what did I just say? Didnít I just say it doesnít matter? Why would it matter? No, even in ten years it wonít matter. I donít need that and do you know why? Yes, good, youíre getting it, because I love you and all we need is love. Have you been doing what the doctor suggested? How often do you do them? Do you think thatís enough? Maybe you should be doing it more.  No, not every day, but maybe a little more. Maybe if you did then we could easily just roll over without itóohóIím sorry, I didnít think it would hurt that time since Iíve been like this for the last few minutes. Iím so sorry, I didnít mean to hurt you. I wouldnít ever hurt you. Not on purpose. Iíd rather die than hurt you on purpose. Say, do you remember the first time? You had such a bad fever but you wanted to do it anyway. I was so afraid it would hurt you even more. Yes, I know it did, but it was a good hurt, wasnít it? Remember when I compared it to jumping off a high-dive? Stand there looking down and youíll never do it. Youíve got to close your eyes and just not think about it and jump!óoh shit, Iím sorry, I didnít mean to, I just got a little excited there. But do you remember? Oh, it didnít hurt the whole time, did it? Of course it didnít. Only at first. And then it was good. Wasnít it? Was it good? After it didnít hurt anymore, you started to realize why it was a good thing, didnít you? And then you wanted to do it again! But it hurt the second time, too, and the third, and then you began think it always would and stopped wanting to do it. Do you think that maybe your medication caused this? I have no idea, but Iíve heard that medication can do that. No, you definitely should not stop taking it. Donít you remember how you were before? Donít you think youíre better now? All Iím asking is if you think it might be a problem, not that I think you should stop taking it. Besides, you would need to consult your doctor before making a decision like that. That sort of thing could really mess you up. Yes, I realize itís only supposed to hurt the first time, but maybe itís not that way with everyone. Who says itís supposed to be that way? Everyone? Oh, I sincerely doubt everyone. Of course not everyone becauseówell, look at us! Weíre not like that, are we? And there have to be others like us. And I know for a fact that thereís no one out there who loves you as much as I do. I know this because the amount that I love you is impossibleóthatís how much I love you. And I would do anything for you. Iíd rather die than live without you, thatís how much. Despite our problem. No, youíre right, itís not really a problem. Everything is fine. Letís just be still like this for a while, okay? And enjoy the fact that we have each other and we are alive and not dead. Yeah. See how I gently kiss your neck? I know you like that a lot. I can tell itís turning you on again. I love you so much. And if I hold your back like this, we can very easily just roll overó

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