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1. And this temple of mine as been alive for over 28 years so far, lots of highs and few lows, lows like being beat up by father with a belt which only made me stronger, I self-intoxicated its body of mine for quite few years, so, now days is looking and feeling better then ever.

2. I cheered for Venus Williams but she looked like she fucking wanted to go party or have a fucking good fuck, or anything but hit the fucking freaky ball. 

3. Ass soon as i got into my room i cleaned my butt hole really good. 

4. By thinking of my grand mother then i got to hold my cum. 

5. Then i cleaned myself again, cause i wanted to go to one of NYC's bathhouse, and wearing a hat made the magic of not being recognized. 

6. The protesters where everywhere and even that the war was going on, they had the cojones of showing their desire for peace by laying on the streets. 

7. I had a phone call from my fucking really good girlfriend Michelle telling me that one of her best friends, and friend of mine too died, yeah, he was being intoxicated with the excuse of cancer in his liver, and he left his pain and this world the very same morning of my birthday, but i would have to be really stupid to feel bad for the person who died since is going to a much better place then here, and that is fucking awesome, while all of us have to wait our turns, i just feel bad for Michelle who will miss him like i will too. 

8. I think the name of this fucking movie is “Wassabi Tuna.” 

9. He told me his secret of his skin cause it was really nice unlike steroids, so, he said to use the same stuff the cows get injected with, but he has to mix it with few other things before injecting himself, who the fuck knows! 

10. They sang the happy birthday song to me, i blew the candles and at that moment i felt more shy then the POPE talking about peace at this time. 

11. I go to the stage to perform my new song called Fantasy, but i realize that i did not have to sing in there, cause i was able to do all the nasty i wanted to do, so i started making out with the crowd and lots of hands and mouths got a hold of my verga bien caliente but the pulling, the fingers up my butt and no enough lightning made us move downstairs where they had a spot light on this confortable chair and table where i was signing autographs while getting sucked one after another, of course that the good cock suckers got to stay longer, and the spot light was so bright that everybody could watching it, then they got this big chocolate cake with candles and they sang the happy birthday song, and after blowing the candles i fucked the cake, i made a hole with my hard rock verga, and this Latin guy ate it all while cleaning my verga at the same time, mMMMMMMMMMM!! then i stand up and shot my big load while getting a big ovation, and some of them ate some of leche too! OINK! 

12. The next day I watched tennis on TV, it was Agassi who won that so called 5th glam slam for the 6th time and it became like his second glam slam of the year just like Serena WIlliams who have matching titles whit him, from Australia to Miami she prevails as unbeatable, so fucking inoperable, while Martina Navratilova still keeps winning against young number ones, being she 46 years old. 

13. Yesterday i did the vocals of this new dance song with DJ Rock the Beat, and soon i will have to work in this other song in this other studio, lots of errands, bills, phone calls, are in my way, cause fulfilling my responsibilities justifies all the many increasing blessings I keep getting every day of this life that the all mighty Jesus Christ and army of angels still keep protecting.

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