the strand - the empire state building - the protestors - the millions and millions of puns poking fun at shock and awe
one of 100,000 photographers against the war
wild drum circle sounded like javanese music: should receive award for best rhythm of all worldwide protest drum circles not led by dreadlocked crackers
this fellow broke a piece of chalk into dust then applied it to his hair and face: a comment about anthrax? a reminder of WTC rubble dust that grayed people's hair? I didn't ask.
life went on undisturbed in washington square park - saturday bocce matches endure during wartime
the best dressed of the bunch
i'm a sucker for presidential stencils
i think i photographed a lot of people photographing and filming because that's how my confused fence sitting with regard to everything tends to manifest
comparing bush with hitler makes about as much sense as most of what bush says - there were many banners etc comparing the usa to the nazis etc, which is total bullshit, since this whole protest would have been squashed if anything on those banners was true
this protestor has no problem with starbucks apparently - think globally, ACT LOCALLY dude!
this is just a blurry longshot toward the late afternoon when the park was packed out
those acrobat buskers in the background are entertaining and coerce money out of tourists - the grungy lovers and the sulky folksy dude in the foreground leave me speechless

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