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Hi. Here's why you've received a link to a page formatted to resemble Neapolitan ice cream: We sometimes respond superquickly with personalized rejections that are sometimes performative/insane and sometimes constructive/helpful. (Several volumes of selected rejection letters are available, starting here.) But other times we're too busy to write personalized, performative/insane, constructive/helpful rejections. And then sometimes we sense that things are submitted that suggest that the submitter spent no time reading things on the site and therefore submitted something that someone semi-familiar with the sensibility of the site would know we would never accept.

We think form-rejection letters are terrible, and we apologize for perpetuating such terribleness in the world, but at least we hope we responded pretty quickly. If it's only been hours since you submitted, chances are you won't remember receiving this form letter once you get your submission accepted by a site with much sounder/saner editorial instincts. Here's a list of a few kindred-type sites that might appreciate your submission. 

Anyway. You get the gist. Thanks again and sorry and good luck and send again whenever.

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