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In recognition of your willingness to receive these messages, we have a sneak preview of something special for you. So much gets bogged down with words, patience is easily lost, so we will neither textually blather about not long-windedly whine longer than precedent expects. Simply, we are offering subscribers to Eyeshot’s Friendly Spam Service a pre-posting look at an interview with the world’s leading creative plagiarist, Donnie Boman. 

You ask: "What in the world is ‘creative plagiarism?!?’"

We respond: "You will find out if you read the long-ass instant-message interview we did with the world’s leading creative plagiarist pertaining to his intention, technique, upbringing, and current situation."

We would not send a message to our 9,327 subscribers if it we did not think it modestly worthwhile. It’s maybe not as salaciously self-satisfying as the interview we did last year with an autofellator, but it has its own merits and is accompanied by a lovely, larger than average/suitable4printing photo of a woman’s underarm and other things pleasing to the senses.

Eyeshot’s Mendicancy Program. Since the last spam two months ago, we have raised $83.37 in our effort to reach $150,000 by Christmas. If you would like to participate in our readathon, please click here to learn more about how you can help fill the open hand of our humility.

Other Stuff. Also, since the last spam, some highlights have included the return of the Eyeshot Literary Escort Service with two women: Shauna McKenna and Sam Lipsyte. There was a comic involving guitars by one of these talented guys. Some poems by an Egyptian. A fair review of Zadie Smith’s latest novel that incorporated some of Mr. Boman’s techniques. Part II of Miss Lola Belle’s saga about her days as an ice cream man in Brooklyn. A lovely piece that might give you ideas about picking up people at bars. And much more.

Conclusion. To be removed from this spam list, simply find the editor’s phone number printed in light blue ink somewhere in the archives, call him, and say "please remove." Or donate a dollar to our Mendicancy Program with the word "please stop" in the area where you can leave a little message.

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