Come read at our first reading!

It will be at the south end of the Literary Walk in Central Park (around 66th Street or so, just east of Sheep's Meadow -- the area looks sort of like this in late October) promptly at 6:30PM on Saturday, May 10, 2003. It will be a free event.

(Please do not confuse this reading with the one announced earlier in the week. That reading will take place on May 10, 2011 -- at the same time and place as the one next week, assuming times and places still exist in 2011.) 

On May 10, 2003, however, we will have our first reading!!! 

And it will be a "silent reading"!!! 

"A silent reading?!?" you exclaim. "Well, I've got some questions about that, Mister . . ."

Q: What is a "silent reading?" 

Q: How will it be different than all those noisy readings? 

Q: Is this some sort of protest against something? A rally in favor of something?

Q: May I wear a feather boa?

Q: I'm not really a writer, can I really read at it?!?

Q: Won't I look silly, sitting around for an hour reading with a bunch of people, especially in the primaveral air of early evening?

A: The answer to all these questions is "YES!" . . . Think of a cross between an old-fashioned passive-resistance sit-in and an hour-long session at the library . . . Many times you've sat at readings for an hour as others have read, but never have you ever sat reading as EVERYONE ELSE read too. Think about  it. This is democracy at work! Or maybe it's more of a communist thing. Anyway, it'll be totally egalitarian and (hopefully) totally silent. Readers will sit and read with everyone else, and they will all do this silently: thus, a "silent reading." (You may move your lips as long as you do not make a sound. If what you're reading moves you to laugh or cry, you will be permitted to do so -- you get the point, you aren't dumb, it won't be all that strict, only polite shushings and/or lashings with elasticky branches will be meted out, ever so generously, to all offenders . . .) 

Maybe we'll do this once a month until it gets too cold? If we do it more than once, maybe we'll change the location each time? By 2011, it'll be like that Critical Mass thing, but a little geekier and without any calories burned while riding bikes. But imagine everyone reading with everyone else for an hour in the middle of the streets: the rush of cities (cities! next we take Atlanta, then we take Berlin) stalled by millions sitting Native American-style, blocking traffic, silently reading things worth reading. It will be beautiful. It will be public introversion come to life. And it all starts May 10, 2003! And it will be documented! And you'll be there wearing a smile and a cheap feather boa! And when it's over, everyone will  frolic in the Park! Or screw all that outdoors stuff and go get a drink somewhere dark and dank . . .

Seating is not particularly limited. Please invite everyone you know. 

May 10, 2003. 


South end of The Literary Walk, Central Park, NYC.

(Look for the crystal-ball encased pacifier if you get there early.)

(Secret special promotion: One reader will receive an antique clockface just for showing up!!!)

Again, this is a free event. Thank you.

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