Photos & Captions from the Republican National Convention Protests in NYC, September 2004
Courtesy of Chad Laird

Before the march began, the Critical Mass folks who weren't among the 264 arrested
the day before stormed through Union Square. Then they got arrested.

Waiting on 16th Street to join in on 7th Avenue, which took well
over an hour. The first marchers finished before we began.

Heading up 7th.

The 1000 Coffins group constructed flag-draped caskets to
commemorate the casualties in Iraq.

If I had any kids I could join Brooklyn Parents
for Peace, which would be rad.

One of many rad shirts.

She's totally pissed.

They've been penned in!
They can't even move about! Oh, wait . . .

They shoulda put out some more trash cans, I guess.

A lot of apartments on the route were supportive. I like that green shirt guy on the roof,
and I like to think he does fabulous experiments with whatever that
mad scientist contraption is up there to the right.

Here's the scene on the sidewalk after an unsuccessful attempt to purchase water or
something like it. The stores were completely cleaned out of water and its variations
like Gatorade, etc. I bet protests are better for local busnesses than RNC zoo trips.

So much one can do with the name "Bush."

Triu . . .Trim . . . aw fuck it.

The cops in standard aloof/bemused pose.

Finally passing by the convention center, pausing to take in the
epithets and middle fingers.

This is my entry for the conspicuous juxtaposition category.

The most authoritative garbage truck ever.

Some group called Anacor used a hair re-growth metaphor to
express how much better things will be after Kerry is elected.

After we passed Madison Square Garden we encountered most of the
Bush supporters. This guy apparently trusts Jesus to help
Bush fight  wars.  I think.

Then we walked by the Protest Warriors, a conservative group that
protests against protests. They really suck at it though, as evinced
by their thoroughly confusing signs. They called us fascists about 18
or 19 times.

Billionaires for Bush came out to thank
us for paying their taxes.

The Billionaires rule. They showed up at The Tank
later that night demanding champagne.

After the congestion at Madison Square Garden the streets became more thinned out.
(Look how psyched up the camo-pants guy with the gallon of water is.)

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