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You can now order the first pretty paperback published by Eyeshot. Pictures of it in action are above and below. More info will emerge, but for now please realize that it is 80 pages of dense "autofiction" re: the consequences of living beyond one's means, neuropsychological inheritence/genetic dehiscence, irresponsibility, halo-like dollar signs, pools, Ponce de Leon & the Fountain of Youth, cigarette-ash alchemy, wish fulfillment, Lou Gehrig, the Nobel Peace Prize, the latest hits by Gil Hodges & the Dodgers, pooing into a bowl of chocolate M&Ms, and the simple joy of an old man's corned beef, cheese, and mustard sandwich. Its author is Eyeshot al Sheriff, who composed it by hand while standing at a makeshift desk, wearing only a headband and sweatbands in the second level of an Iowa City barn one summer. Way more info to come . . . representative sentences, reviews, blurbs, lord knows!
Order the book here, now, for $12, which includes shipping and transaction fees and envelopes and tape and stuff 

Here are pics of the first printing in action on a bookshelf and windowsill:

[Forever after at http://eyeshot.net/bloodfire.html]