I found out that all the characters in my books seem like colorful cartoon characters to me when I read them because in my real life I have no deep connection to real people and have nothing to go on but the pictures in my mind, which are blurred and filtered terribly. 

Then I thought to myself, 'this must be reciprocal,' as everything is, and I tried to think of what I was to them. And I laughed. 

"You can't get too close to me," that's what I say silently through my eyes. 

For the longest time I didn't even know it. 

I was sitting home last Saturday night when I got a call from my friend Dave Sabolish. It was around midnight and he was drunk calling to tell me I should go over to where he was, at Jill's, I thought and said 'yeah, why not.' I stood up and left. 

It was that easy. 

I got to the party and Dave said he had the munchies and left to get a submarine sandwich, he came back and I said a sentence to him. He gave me a fragment and I said a word. Then he told me he was going back to the sub shop for another sandwich. We laughed. 

He left and I stayed three more hours and got drunk with all the friends I used to know as they said they missed me along with other things like that. It was incredibly nice and felt genuine. 

We promised things to each other that are still in the air. 

Before I left that night I tied a huge bungee cord on my leg before jumping out the window and flying away. By my calculations I have about twelve miles or two weeks before I get snapped back. And I've got work to do. 

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