Eyeshot is internationally accessible.

Fiction, poetry, photographs, rants, reviews, links, essays, and other unclassifiables are accepted and declined.

We pay in dissemination and validation, however meager.

Anything you send to submit@eyeshot.net (preferably attached) will be received and read.

All submissions must include at least one word, unless the submission is a picture. No maximum limit. The shortest has no words. The longest has many more.

Updated Recommendations
Once there was a time when asked about submission guidelines we consulted the many sages and they all replied, "Cows never roam from pastures with no fences. It is undeniable. And so, there shall be no submission guidelines." Then there was a time during which we sought to limit freedom. Now we've reverted to our original recommendations, the ones which only recommend that you send stuff to submit@eyeshot.net.

Please Notice However
The thing about cows roaming fenceless pastures doesn't mean you should send genre-type tales about dead people. If you submit a story involving a character who is dead (a zombie, a wraith, a ghast, a ghoul, any type of undead character), it better be really gory and funny. While we're at it, now that we're effectively limiting what we want to see, let's save the time of all those who'd like to send poetry! It's wonderful you'd like to put your poem on this online Internet-based literary website! However, if you really check out the site, you'll see only a handful of poems, and most of these are pretty odd and potty mouthed. So, if you'd really like your poetry to be here, send it, since it costs nothing, but the chances of getting it accepted are slimmer than slim, especially if the poems are "poetic." This doesn't mean we're constructing fences to keep the cows from roaming. We still want roaming cows. Just we'd like you to know that serious poetry is better off grazing greener pastures. One thing you can do, however, is get rid of the often arbitrary line breaks one sees in poems, and send your poem disguised as prose! Since we're fans of narrative confusion, this tactic almost always works.

Special Needs
We are still encouraging visitors to send works that are plagiarized. Scan your favorite story, change the author's name to your own, italicize phrases to make it seem written recently, insert vulgarities at inappropriate times, change names to those of celebrities, do a few find/replaces for commonly used words. Change "gooseberries" to "derek jeter's naggets." Change "cathedral" to "lions run amok." Here's an example.

We are also actively encouraging visitors to send transcripts of instant messages. Here's how to do it. Spend all day at work on an instant message service with a loved one or budding flirtation or some asshole you don't really know. Wait until your exchangee logs off. Click "file." Click "save as." Open the file in Word. Change the names to those of celebrities. Send here. We will post.

Anyway, send something.