Sworn Eyes
Swollen and not concentrating on music as much in these worn eyes sheltered the morning I went to technical sense before when could think and see-hear until the energy ran out. Need to urinate is third best sensation of existence….third only to the actual second of body contraction of vomiting to the cathedral with the straw floor where there are nurses’ laughs fucking the pinnacle and being able to constantly keep oneself from falling victim to sleeps muted stoppage of breath. It is an experiment I do nightly until sleep eventually overtakes me. Right that’s why they shape the roof like this to get it all so damn heavenly majestic and so you’ll hear and look up and see nothing but sparrows cutting across the angles therein lies belief before the actual crossing into true-sleep one’s hearing fails and you grasp for breath. (Trust me as I leave a radio on all-night to alert me to its coming…the grasping of breathe is what alerted me to this phenomenom). Be heard not seen the secret to old divinity. Spaces wander and there we rest and there we bless. It is quite a scary experience to hit upon and most people never approach it. But I am fearful of sleep as it is only practice for death. The more one falls asleep the more one starts to weaken to death like a farmer fattens a cow for carnivalistic consumption. The carpenter made off and slammed the door nosily. I didn’t hear it. Yes. I don’t have nightmares when I sleep and try to pin some sort of psychoanalytic explanation why I don’t like to fall asleep; it is quite simply that I find the expereince rather draining on the backside and causes me some disorientation upon waking. The sight repeating struck ten hours. The man freed himself from the sand molded of his body and in the place he’d been he saw that he’d been face down. Best thought comes after 24 hours of sleep avoidance and one’s eyes swear to tesitfy this fact. The captain showed no sign of surprise or rage. Haven't you ever seen doctor’s eyes after successful overnight surgery or those of the revisionists striving all night to perfect presentations or stop enemy intruders? It comes down to this…If you can feel that you can afford to waste time counting fucking he’d been there before, and yanked me from where I stood amazed sheep

Time: 12:48

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