Scorn Nothing
Except everything. Target aim repent please relieve yourself now that you’re spent I can Disdainful contempt is the only thing one can depend as a consistent human behavior. I drove down this road hear your blood heart’s so fast what you think you’re made for doing and like you weren’t borne just above an evacuation vent as I liked the site of this 1970’s built bank that was once then in a cornfield. The sound birth slap. From here you get nothing but more flesh each at a pop and it comes together to make a little bit of what you got hit it was one of those few strucutres that tried to look ahead and be resourceful and enviro-friendly. It was built inside of a hill to conserve heating and cooling costs before word three and so you’re reliving all this naturally lucky you’re not a newt what is there for you to rewind continents separate and you were all together with each in ordered place and received all of its light from skyward windows. Great idea guys…way to try an make a differece. Keep eating that fucking yogurt tofu with bulgarwheatstock and chopped up miltarists. Everything tight just like an aryan race to a pop and a click a da clock I must laugh horribly at their well-intentioned arrogrant naivete as shoping malls shopping malls shopping malls rife with fast food and faster palaces surround you…of bank of good intentions and save the worldness. What you think there are sounds like this last time You see who won the f*cking battle? You see of course how the winner only wins out with brute force and unstoppable fury of avalance and mudslides? Who the f*ck did you think around every twelve a busted syncopation you are to try and preserve the balance of nature when nature’s nature is to constantly disrupt things. That’s why to the next track when it comes I don’t mind the disdainful contempt by my fellow man. Its part of the flow of creative destuction. God bless those shopping broken down my you malls eating maggotlike the cornfields.

Time: 9:47

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