Trace Elements
Ping is the sound of blind interconnected objects determing locations through a black darkness. Diamonds are like you girl how I want to make you happy yeah. The feel of this song is like the green algae of early summer’s still waters being flushed down streams by seaward bound water… We can be like that dropping down deep. Um yeah girl there’s a depth to those eyes it sorts of floats along the surface sexy. Worktight thighs. Bass can ask a question like few other insturments. Silly people will say how can an instrument ask a question. When I was down and in there. Um yeah girl we can be like that if you want me on the periphery I can be all me and work it like you like it down there the depth of your eyes your thighs within you should mine that lode and oh yeah silly people get hung up upon the meaning of sounds and not the sounds of sound there’s a fortune for that sort of ultraelastic sort of thing oh yeah. I wonder how much conversation occurs due to recognition of sound pattenrs and not the actual word pictures in cerebullum cinema I would straddle you for an hour as we’d march to the periphery my love.

Time: 4:10

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