A Verdict of Science 
Yes another morning. Wash. No mildew in the miraculous. There’s no more room. New songs begin…round two or set two. More muscial and earthly. No room for loosing the optimism bridals. Shit such optimism for just a day. Sol me entra y me dice lo que digo aqui. Horns very sweet swishing sounds I assume brushes against steel or andro-amped crickets by microphone being recorded in order for government agencies to play loudly outside dissident homes in order for to succumb. Check the bones. Seem in place. Water there’s a good thing won’t fuck with that. In through the spicket and down the pipes, my fins ripe, an American in the sewars! Very grounded in earthly tones and changing into more outerworldly sounds. Tamberine dreamy keyboards give furtive yet controlled pace like two people fucking on nighttime train (ie, risky buisness). Why not, name another way to start the morning? There will be surprises if I will them. Think of tigers and make them come. Not like when an elephant comes in the window. Free the intricate architecture. Impedings expected. Muros hasta el fin del campo. Building to a new pace now. It is nightime as the music plays but some music always sounds like night…dark and exciting and with the sense of anticipation of event awaiting to explode from the furtively controlled fuck tones to explode orgamically but alas it is just an association of movies seen in past. Alternate routes available. Where people have been and down things with each other or just sat and left remnant inhalations. Never thought I’d come up here! A tissue floating across a sheen. Helado no va asi.  A verdict of science is what they call it. I don’t hear an argument or resolution yet….as I said it is more dynamic in very narrow static range of motion. Submarine movies tease me into thinking I can hear sounds of nature; not birds singing or gurgling water but I mean the respitatory heaves of and water expiration of a dying planet now living and burning of cool watery shell over molten core. I pull myself out by the seat, and towel off with a mildewy neglected rag. Back in the shower for lack of a better way to clean. A few rinses and tom-toming the tombas. Dab dab. No soap but clean clear throat.The level where the earth’s water and lava make steam must be close to point where one would fluctuate unendingly between two poles of gravity’s extreme. There are different sections of this track with returns to the interrogative head of bass line…I guess I take back what I said about not moving towards scientifical musical resolution. Dripping across the tiles. Each drop deeper into the pool. Roommates will be pissed appearing from slumbers like they woke up with stomachs glazed and shallow recollections. What more can be expected? What science prove to him? Sounds like musicians machines hung at some sort of jumping off point waiting for the next wave to emerge. Or maybe that is just me. Drums pound while high hat and snare fliter snake-like toungue sounds. That we are mostly water, and thus subject to evaporation in heat. Aqua caliente sobre de los quien los quien corren al oriente. I would light myself afire if it weren’t for my wet hands. There’s a solution. There are no problems. Keyboards added intermittently like subtley used booster rockets of docking space modules at space labs. Used just enough to glide object towards destination. Music can be an attack of comfort feeling in body. Only solutions, remember? A lighter, plastic, and I navigate its safety features. Flammable water. A blue burn around my thighs first. My hair's like an exxon oil duck. Excellent diffusion. Very quick. Excellent. Poor roommates with their companion in flames, a puddle of the home’s interiors step by step down the stairs. Sounds cause physical effects felt by body not just processed through the ears. There is soothing element produced by the horns as waves of modern electronic outerwordly sounds rush pass steadied paces of foundation. A new chapter has begun. Here I guess the horn asked the question I have been searching for…not so much as understanding the questions but understanding how the sound patterns reflect spoken variations; for instance when one fazes out in a labored speech yet instinctively reacts upon interrogative remarks or evne just very-welcome closing statements. I’ve always known that there’s more to this than our current element and anyone thinks otherwise is an unadventurous sucker. The air is even lighter when you are air, and there’s more than enough space to roam when you enter through a companion’s ear. Repeat again I hear a tangerine dreamy sound similarity and it not keyboards but xylophonic vibes; unless keyboard uses the same effect. Music has dropped to flutter and pop noises and gronking sounds through the hammers and internal guck where mechanics and proper processes fire and thoughts dive off into a synapse’s abyss, the flying brothers of aqua caliente sobre todo puro aire libre. 

Time: 19:53

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