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     (  LOVE COURT  )

Raise your hand and swear,
before saying i love,
My darling love is not a game,
between me and you,
So raise your hand and swear
My life , my heart , my passions 
and you my lovely part,
Love goes around my body as  blood,
I could never suffer a break heart
or a bleeding from a cut ,
So raise your hand and swear 
before saying i love you
Love to me like the air 
Let my dreams come true

       ( AMERICAN TOUCH   )

Between the east and the west i stand.
Between america the dream land,
and asia the immigration land,
with people like the sand,
I hope to rebirth our civilization 
and become one hand,
I believe ,
I am in the whole belief,
That our day is come,
with the americans the most handsome,

Let me breathe your freedom,
Make me rise like the sun,
Iam like a bee,
Set me free,
then taste my honey
not bite me,
We are all one body
As a closed door i was
Open it  to see
what you see
Don't be upset
How can i refuse my golden key !

    (    M    )

 When you feel that you want 
to remember me,
Close your eyes for a moment,
then you will see our souls
fly in the whole world,

When you feel that you want 
to remember me ,
Search in your memory,
then you know that we have
the same body,

When you feel the quiet
Be like the child who wants
to fly his kite,

When you feel the bright,
be like the light in dark nights,

My princess, i am your first knight
who fights to save your soul and life,

Please realize these poems were 
contributed by an Egyptian.


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