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(Shawshnk Redemption)

All i do were not for me but for you,
Immortal love that i wanted and true,
Do not blame me for my job,
Your tears have burnt me drop by drop,
You were like a star in the sky,
So many distances far to fly,
All my dreams with the first touch ,
Were great expectations but too much,
Love as life, love as death,
Let me have my life kiss,
from your lips,
Save your heart from stone,
Let your hand hold my phone,
Come again the story never begins,
All i do without you will in vain,


Without hope,
Without listening to the bop,
Without looking at the top,
You will live every moment in despair,
As a bird in a cage wish to fly in the air,
You feel lonely and nobody care,
But there is something in your heart
singing when my hand touch your hair,
Smile just smile for awhile,
Dance until you loose your balance,
Run among stars to rise the sun,
Lay on the grass ,open your eye
towards blue sky,
Open your heart for the future,
Fear is gone by nature,
Love me as i done,
Forget the past , past has gone
Just hope, just listen to the bop,
and look at the top

Under the rain,
The first time i met her
was under the rain,
She was cold and trembled,
As a bird has a broken angel,
I gave my coat and walked under my umbrella,
In her eye i had sensed,
The first time   i l ive and sense,
and found myself wish to have a kiss,
from these trembled lips,
As i wish the way to be more length,
Another day we met again,
not under the rain but on a train,
Every word i want to talk all the way,
On one moment she replied,
with beautiful look from her eye,
Yes, she is my beloved, my queen,
who i searched even in my dream,

(   WITCH     )

I met a witchh off the beaten track,
Who predicts the future and  goes in time back,
Before she read , she had sat,
looking  to the sand like wild cat,
Love is written in front of your head, my son
You never sleep moment in your bed whatever ,you done,
You  will not know if you are alive or dead,
In your life a woman ,
Never been kissed,
Never been seen,
No one dare to think of her,
even in his dream,
A womann has incredible fair,
The silk hair travels all over the world,
and flown by the air,
With her eyes you will swear,
but you have a dark sky,
and closed way,
Cos your princess slept in a palace
guarded by a ghost,
Who tried to see her,
Who tried to touch that silk hair,
or waited under her window,
got lost,
You will search in every where,
but all you gained will be despair,
One day you will return,
and know that you was chasing line of smoke,
What a difficult matter!
to love a woman has no home,
no shelter to warm
even you don't know where was she born?

Please realize these poems were 
contributed by an Egyptian.


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