Strong City
The moist sound banks I can’t slowly touching down…cool sounds of returning home like boats waters rise fast sailing into safe harbors or planes emerging from clouds to see cottons flood in so often scene saw landing strip ahead. Would like to fall to half asleep as this plays…Last city is your own full sleep not as euphoric half sleep. Music sounds big. I saw a whale once. And my friend swam out to ride. A giant silver fish. Folk bluegrass meant to be heard in small space by people at moment of creation. The most weight he rode on it down through shallows and then up twice and once for a spout. I mean frontier music seems big…larger than earthlike I had another recurring dream throughout my youth and audience is not man or person but space and the spaces that fill gaps of total universe of holding an umbrella and above piles of leaden shit fell.

Strong City by Frontier mixed by John David Hiller
Time: 3:28

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