Spyhunter….no but bass line has more variation with building noises. I step out into this solid as an afrodisiac hemophiliac pulling a Burden across the shattered. Hmmh…this one sounds closer to music as oppossed to cello-organic throbbings of prior songs. You were statue. You were pretending being alone. Come to something said earlier about use of muted vocals to act as pure sound instead of symbolic pictures in head as by-product of language and word meaning. Moving beat as bass base for foundation inspires physical tactile response by listener. Me bleeding as I naturally would be would highly technically pull out from the sleeves rivers of please as horizons move outward of planet I mean big motherfucking rivers of please like you’ve never seen and solar system and that you would feel so modern like a bag in a train’s end oriental sock start to conceive galactic space # 5 so fast and so fast…Prepare for the front. No more dozing. Last one had not begun before it was over. Machine-like sounds lie at base in conjunction with electronicky sound you ever hit a vortex, my man? Vertical flush into who the hell knows of steel drums or artificial. Think of workers being milked out of higher labor by forceful sounds like old worksongs, boot camp bawdy marching sing song a long I have heard from those who've been that it's a quiet place where there’s no more nothing not much more than that sound of that man wheezing now and let him sleep choppers flail and of…definitely move from the jungles of sound and earthly comfort to cold distant unknown frozen vacuum sounds of space there always won’t be time like this for battalions to prepare as a sleep leads us to deploy space must sound if we were ever able to hear the strains of galaxy and omega exploding and reforming

Retractor/Aether by John David Hiler
Time: 8:34 (Combined)

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