Incidents of Privacy in Yesjwenre Province


Surveillance Flooding
Surveillance flooding was discovered to be efficacious by Dr. Angus Osorio when, during a period of intense isolation, he set cameras and monitors throughout his chambers. These devices enabled him to both observe himself and transmit his actions to  colleagues. Dr. Osorio realized that constant creation/export of observation led to substantial leaps in productivity/affect/ideation. One of his subsequent ideas involved a similarly networked environment in which everyone received/sent observations directly to/from their rooms. This had extraordinary appeal. The first “Floods” constructed by the doctor gained immediate popularity. Each member within the structure initially watched others entertaining, or alternatively, entertained others as they watched.

As Floods became more popular, the structures became grander in scale until the possibilities for import/export of observation became so overwhelming that the inhabitants moved beyond the initial excitement, incorporated the structure as fundamental to their lives, and went about their business. Although those living in Floods take surveillance flooding for granted, none account for incidents of privacy in Yesjwenre Province. It should be stressed that privacy-
response technicians are seldomly needed to resolve incidents within Floods. The complete proceedings of the Province are accessible for those who have access to the reception/conversion technology.