Incidents of Privacy in Yesjwenre Province


Response Arenas
Privacy that has developed into solitude often diffuses into the atmosphere so that one incident in a reasonably sized apartment building -- and even in novel structures that have done away with compartmentalization of living environments -- can breed and disperse so that everyone within the structure breathes air tainted with a statistically significant quantity of contaminated agent that may develop into a need for privacy, which in turn involves the risk of becoming fullblown solitude. When massive outbreaks of privacy occur, the Provinces recently constructed Response Arenas provide a quick remedy for those endangered/threatened.

Response Arenas enable occupants to enjoy social engagement by harnessing the curative power of amazement. Cinematic/photographic projections blend identifiable images into attractive/novel composites. Idiopathic sounds originate from within other participants. These participants are rewarded/punished for assembling/deconstructing puzzles on which they (ie, the participants) are depicted on the pieces. Stacks of perfectly circular stones are carried from one end of the Response Arena to the other by inhabitants who then hand the stones to others who hurl/roll them back to the otherside. The proceedings of the Arena are projected across its domed ceiling. In this way, participants experience/create amazement, and, in turn, are relieved of their desires for privacy by observing/performing actions/creations which are projected/transmitted and sent/received. After a few days in the Arena, most inhabitants are prepared for admission in a surveillance-flooded structure.