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William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays.

Fenway Park's Green Monster is 37 feet tall.

Michael Jackson's "Victory Tour," in the summer of 1984, included 37 shows, and his album "Thriller" was #1 for 37 weeks on the Billboard charts.

Joshua Slocum, the first person to sail solo around the world, did so in a 37-foot sailboat.

The only American President to resign from office was the 37th: Nixon.

The Hindenburg took 37 seconds to burn (in 1937).

Monica Lewinsky was cleared to enter the White House 37 times between the time she left her staff job there in April 1996 and December 1997.

37 seconds elapsed between the sighting of the iceberg and its collision with the Titanic.

Byron, Dylan Thomas, Rimbaud, and Pushkin died at age 37 (Pushkin in 1837).

37 holes in the mouthpiece of a telephone.

Eyeshot's Throop Roebling wrote this sometime during the 37th week of the year 2000.

All American Express card numbers begin with 37.

The number 37 when multiplied by multiples of 3 creates 3-sequenced numbers (eg, 37 x 3 = 111, 37 x 6 = 222, 37 x 9 = 333, 37 x 12= 444, etc.).

37 x 24 = 888, the Greek number for the name Jesus.

There are 37 miracles in the Bible.

There are 37 politically correct ways to call someone stupid.

Tyrannosaurus rex has 37 vertebrae in its tail.

SPAM was invented in 1937.

When Yankees pitcher David Wells pitched a perfect game against Minnesota, he retired 37 consecutive batters.

"Normal" human body temperature is 37 degrees Celsius.

This last fact was a Jeopardy question in October 1997, and by answering it correctly, the contestant raised her total to $3,700.

In Cool Hand Luke, Lucas Jackson's (Paul Newman's) prison number is 37.

In an episode of the Simpsons, Homer asks Marge to guess a number between 1 and 50; she correctly guesses 37 -- to which Homer replies "Do'ah! I mean 'no.'"

For The Shining, Kubrick changed the room number -- in which that luscious naked woman instantaneously decays into something less desirable and more decayed -- from Stephen King's original 217 to 237; a review of the film remarked that this change was based on "mysterious reasons of his own."


Most of the above has been lifted directly from 37 Heaven -- converted souls who need their newfound numerological faith supported by fact will find hundreds of meaningless factoids of the 37-type, most linked to further explanations and examples.


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